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“De Kruiskwacht” is surrounded by woodland. It is a few kilometres south of the city of Geel. It has two buildings: one containing the bathroom fixtures and the other one the kitchen and dining area. The two buildings are approximately 20 metres apart. Furthermore, tents can be pitched on the premises and there is ample parking space.

The Kruiskwacht can accommodate groups up to 70 people (extra tents can be set up on our camping ground). Because of its facilities, its low-traffic environment and its surrounding woodland, the Kruiskwacht is ideal for youth and school camps but also for (Communion) parties or a weekend away with friends.

The recreation room holds enough tables and chairs. The room is heated by a wood burning stove and during the winter months wood is provided. There is also a separate storage room which can be used for various purposes. The top floor, which has electrical heating, can be used as a conference room or dormitory.

The kitchen is equipped with 4 large gas rings, one sink, refrigerator with freezing compartment and two separate freezers. From September until June the kitchen is provided with pots, pans, plates, glasses, cutlery, etc., but in July and August you have to bring your own kitchenware.

The other building with bathroom fixtures and dormitories has oil-fired central heating. The sanitary facilities consist of two showers, six toilets and two large washbasins with five taps each. The ground floor has another two small dormitories for ten to fifteen people each.

The upper floor has a large dormitory that sleeps thirty people. The dormitories have no beds, which means you have to provide your own air mattress, sleeping bag and pillow. You also have to provide your own bed, bath and kitchen linen.

You can stay for a weekend, midweek or a week. The arrival and departure times are to be decided by mutual agreement.


The price of our site is limited to € 150 per night for youth organisations. For schools, associations, family parties and the like, we charge € 170 per night. For groups of more than 40 people we charge € 2 extra per person. This price is exclusive of water, heating oil, wood and electricity costs.

Youth organisations pay rent at reduced charges and have a priority reservation period of at least six months.

For more information, please contact the landlord or fill in our contact form.

Information on the buildings

Ground plan

Click on the small image to view the ground plan entirely.

Useful facts

The renting period of the site is from 13 hrs (day of arrival) until 13 hrs (day of departure). For weekends you can agree otherwise with the landlord.
The postal address is:

    Bivakhuis “De Kruiskwacht”
    Kruiskwacht Z/N
    2440 Geel
You will find “De Kruiskwacht” on the topographic map of MEERHOUT-BALEN, map number 17/5-6.
The rent must be paid in CASH at departure.
At “De Kruiskwacht”, we recycle our waste. If you don’t recycle correctly, you have to pay a fine of € 25.
Please give us your mobile phone number so we can call you in case of emergency.
You are free to use our information map, available at the premises.
Smoking is strictly forbidden in all rooms.


During the school year


5 soup bowls
5 salad bowls (25 cm)
5 coffee pots
4 water pitchers
6 pots
1 * 20L
1 * 24L (stainless steel)
1 * 36L (stainless steel)
2 * 10L (stainless steel)
1 * low (stainless steel)
+6 lids +1 colander
4 casseroles
1 roasting tin
2 meat- bread dishes
2 stainless steel colanders (large & small)
2 deep fryers + scoops Kitchen utensils:
4 cutlery trays
5 ladles (10 cm)
1 large ladle
1 masher
1 skimmer
1 carving fork
1 scraper
2 chopping boards
5 potato peelers
5 coffee filters
1 bread knife
1 carving knife
1 beater
1 tin opener
Cleaning tools:
5 buckets
3 brushes
3 scrubbing brushes
3 squeegees
2 dust pans
3 toilet brushes
3 toilet bins
4 gas burners
5 fire extinguishers
2 stoves
7 tables
3 large trestles
1 fridge + freezing compartment
2 freezers • 9 trestle legs
15 chairs (seats + back)
8 small benches
4 large benches
1 white board
1 fire blanket

In July and August

3 toilet brushes
3 toilet bins
4 gas burners
5 fire extinguishers
2 stoves
7 tables
3 large trestles
1 fridge + freezing compartment
9 trestle legs
15 chairs (seats + back)
8 small benches
4 large benches
1 white board
1 fire blanket
2 freezers


Underneath, you can find the dates during which our accommodation has been rented. You can recognize these by Day!


Public transport

National Railway

Within 6 km of the premises lies the railway station of Geel. Trains to Antwerp and Hasselt (with fork to Neerpelt) depart from here and call at Geel twice an hour. To check the timetable, please consult:
NMBS website with Route planner

De Lijn

You can take bus number 299 from the station. This bus calls at the Meerhoutsebaan at ‘Lissenvijver’, which is located 500 meters from the premises . For other routes, we refer to the Route planner of De Lijn. You can also use the Call-A-Bus service. For more information, please consult: :
De Lijn website
General phone number: +32 (0) 3, 218 14 11
Call-A-Bus service: +32 (0) 3, 218 14 94

Coach company

The premises can also be reached by coach . If you come in large groups and you want to get to the Kruiskwacht easily, do not hesitate to rent one. We recommend New Meret Cars:
Kiezel 165
Tel. : 014/30.12.94
Fax. : 014/30.33.44
Email :
New Meret Cars offers trips to groups of 8+1 to 72 persons, bus driver included.

Surrounding area

The area surrounding Geel offers many recreational possibilities. Sports centre “De Lissenvijver” is only 1 km away. Here you can play squash, tennis and badminton. If you book in advance, you can also go on mountain bike excursions, survival trips and walking tours. The cities of Turnhout, Hasselt and Antwerp are accessible by train from Geel and are well worth a visit. What about a day out to Bobbejaanland in Lichtaart? Or a visit to the children's farm “De Bogaerd" where you can find goats, sheep, donkeys, ducks and geese. It is open every day and entrance is free of charge. Are you more interested in something nutritious? In the bakery museum the process of making bread from the grain to the loaf is explained to you in exact detail. For the cheese lovers, the goat farm is certainly a must. You will have the production process explained and there is the possibility to taste fresh goat cheese. Rainy weather is not necessarily a problem for the kids: they can play their hearts out in the indoor playground Circus Bruul, which is only 2 km away from De Kruiskwacht.

About 8 km from De Kruiskwacht lies the centre of Geel, where you can have a pleasant drink or go shopping. Geel also has a swimming pool and a couple of big playgrounds. The centre of Bel is about 1 km away. There you can find a mini-supermarket, a bakery, a chip stand, a restaurant and some pubs. So you will definitely not perish from hunger or thirst! You can also drive up to Mol, which is famous for its swimming lakes, such as the Zilvermeer or the Zilverstrand, which are definitely worth a visit. Next to these swimming lakes lies Sunparks, where you can find a big swimming pool with several hydrotubes and an activity pool.

Right next to the premises there is an official play forest. This forest, of about 12.5 acres, is ideal for forest games. The play forest is located in a very quiet neighbourhood. You can let your children play there, free of troubles. For more information you can have a look at the information sign at the edge of the play zone or at the information sheet on the premises. The following images show how the forest is marked out and what an information sign looks like.


Here you can find frequently asked questions. If you have an interesting question, place it in our guestbook and we will answer it here.

Is it possible to pitch tents?
What is the average price for a group of 40 for 2 nights?
Are there any obligations to the baker, the brewer or others?

Is it possible to pitch tents?
Yes, the site is approximately 2.5 acres. There is ample space to pitch tents on the site in front of the house or behind the house in the forest.

What is the average price for a group of 40 for 2 nights?
This depends on when you come (winter or summer), but it is about 220 euros.

Are there any obligations to the baker, the brewer or others?
No, you are free to choose whoever you want.


If you want to contact someone in our organisation you can simply send an email to for questions concerning the premises.

Reservations can only be done by calling +32(0)14/58.34.88 or +32 (0)494/64.14.26, you cannot book via the Internet.

If you do not find the desired information on our website (calendar, FAQ, …), you can always contact us via the email addresses above or by filling in the following form. We will contact you as soon as possible!